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What To Expect. . .

Every session comes with warm towels and Breathe essential oil blend. This is standard practice unless the client opts to not have it or not in their best interest. There is also an option to add other essential oils to further customize your experience.

Are You a New Client?

As a new client, upon booking, you will be emailed a new client intake form.  When you arrive, we go over the information, address any concerns, and go over what will happen during the session.  I will step out to let you undress and get comfortable under the blankets, on the table. I will then come in and check to see if there are any adjustments to be made to ensure comfort during your session.

Rates & Services

Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage $55

This time frame of massage is meant for focus on a certain area to receive maximum benefit using select techniques tailored to your needs.

60 Minute Massage $85

This time frame of massage is for full body unless the client wants work focused on an area using multiple techniques tailored to your needs.

90 Minute Massage $115

This time frame of massage is for full body unless the client wants focus on an area using multiple techniques tailored to your needs allowing a greater depth of work to be done. 

120 Minute Massage $170

This time frame of massage is for clients with chronic pain or repetitive motion injuries. This session will allow for focus in certain areas while still receiving a full body massage. Many different modalities used based on client needs

*Modalities used in custom massages*


Calm Essential Oil | Add On $10

Further, customize your experience with two essential oils that help decrease anxiety, promote relaxation and emotional balance.  

Deep Blue Essential Oil | Add On $10

Enhance the therapeutic benefit of massage with deep blue essential oil as well as deep blue rub for sore and inflamed areas. This combination has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect for extended benefits.  $10

Combo Essential Oil | Add On $10

If you have a favorite combination you may create your unique experience and add two additional oils of your choice.  $10

Therapeutic Oils | Add on $20

Therapeutic oils are available upon request – please make a note when booking your appointment 

Blue Tansy

Eliminating, relieving, and defending nature. It has many benefits for inflammation due to different forms of arthritis and or fibromyalgia as well as allergies, Fungai skin flares, muscle aches, thyroid and thymus issues along with emotional balance.


Healing, fusing, and regenerating. Helichrysum helps with wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, wounds, and bruising.

Therapeutic Oils | Add on $30

Available upon request – please make a note when booking your appointment 


Rose is known as the queen of oils and is intimate, connecting, and radiant. This precious oil helps with low libido, bacterial infections, scars, wounds, along with grief and depression. This is a wonderful addition to a Reiki session.


Melissa is awakening, authentic, and restorative with qualities that help viral infections along with depression, anxiety, and shock.

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique getting to the deeper layers of muscle, fascia, and ligaments combined with Swedish techniques for greatest benefits.  Deep tissue is very beneficial for chronic pain, repetitive motion injuries, and trigger points.  This work requires communication from the client to work within in their threshold of pressure.  It is very common to be sore or tender the next day best practices are to drink plenty of water and mild stretching.

Swedish Massage Is a very relaxing and therapeutic type of bodywork. It uses a blend of kneading, effleurage, percussion, friction, and vibration ranging from light to medium pressure.  Many benefits can be experienced such as increased circulation, skin tone, digestion, pain relief, decreased blood pressure and much more.

Sports Massage is the application of a variety of massage techniques to enhance athletic performance for pre and post event.

Trigger Point Therapy includes locating and stimulating a painful area to work and release the trigger point to give relief of local and referral pain.

Myofascial Release is a medium to light pressure technique tapping into the fascial layer finding restrictions applying and opposing direction/pressure and once resistance is met the technique is held to let fascial releases take place.

Active Release involves finding a painful or restricted area and using passive movement to get will the muscle and or joint to release.

Craniosacral Therapy is a very balancing and relaxing technique.  A therapy performed with very light touch (about the weight of a nickel) tapping into the craniosacral rhythm (6-12 beats per minute) to detect imbalances.  Using delicate manual techniques to tap into your current rhythm creating a still point to facilitate regulating the CSR.

Joint Mobilization uses specific techniques, pin pointing trouble areas in your joints, and using specific techniques to gently create more joint movement.

Lymph Drainage (Vodder technique) – MLD (manual lymph drainage) This is a very light pressure technique and very relaxing.  Techniques with light directional pressure to move lymph fluid in the appropriate direction.  Also using techniques to stimulate activity and directional flow of lymph fluid to drain from the deep venous systems to clear out congestion of stagnant lymph fluid.  Increasing the overall health of someone suffering with lymphedema.

Services Upon Request

  • Prenatal Massage is tailored for the mom to be. This massage is performed during all stages with the approval from your doctor. The massage is performed in a side lying position with pillows for added comfort and support.  The benefits for mother and fetus are great.  It enhances pain reduction, increases tissue oxygenation, beta-endorphins and serotonin are secreted during the massage and work together to calm the CNS producing a relaxed feel good state.  Massage is recommended throughout the pregnancy. No Deep pressure allowed and only light pressure on the legs. 

60 Minute Session – $85

  • Reiki is a very calming and healing technique.  This is a Japanese relaxation technique that allows the body to heal itself.  The body holds onto different energies such as emotional stresses and traumas. These energies manifest themselves physically if they are not released.  I use, through intention, Reiki/Universal life force energy to help client’s mind and body heal themselves.  This includes a in person hands on healing session where I channel healing energy that goes where it’s needed most.  Everyone’s experience is different.  Some people fall asleep while others have a spiritual experience.  All you need is to come with and open mind and ready to receive.

60 Minute Session – $85


(6) 60 Minute Massage Package

Original Cost : $510 Promotional Price : $459 Savings : $51

(12) 60 Minute Massage Package

Original Cost : $1020 Promotional Price : $918 Savings : $102

(6) 90 Minute Massage Package

Original Cost : $690 Promotional Price : $621 Savings : $69

(12) 90 Minute Massage Package

Original Cost : $1,380 Promotional Price : $1,242 Savings : $138

*Express Check out. – You can have a CC on file and pay prior to visit. Giving you the option to enjoy and soak up your massage experience!! This was a request of clients and is recommended.  As a benefit to you, once a massage is over clients are very relaxed and prefer not to think about a thing. 

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